Simplicity: It’s underestimated

The Siegel+Gale Simplicity Index 2017 shows that 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for a simpler experience. But the customer experience itself is made complex by an increasingly digital world with multiple customer touchpoints across devices, which means that creating a simple and unified customer experience; one which is both consistent and a pleasure for your customers to return to, is vital.

There is a need for retailers to maintain simplicity throughout the ever-evolving customer journeys and beyond.

Your customers may be able to navigate – and enjoy – an increasingly complex online environment, but they still want their shopping to be a straightforward and smooth process. Is it easy to find the product they saw online in your store, or did they give up because there was no one around to help?

The challenge is to create systems, processes and channels that are as simple to manage for the retailer, as they are to use for the consumer. Both the experience and the operation have to be smart, seamless, efficient, and quick. Because these days, price and quality are a given: the real competitive advantage is ease, and this is proven by the high percentage of UK consumers now using Amazon to both research and purchase products.


Key issues for retailers to consider:

  • Most (over 50%) of consumers now shop online only, with just under one in four shopping in-store only
  • But in a multichannel world, 58% are doing research online
  • The decision making and purchase journey differs depending on the type of item purchased -  see table to the right (Researching online versus purchasing online by category)
  • How can this somewhat complex journey be made into a simple and seamless one – that delights the customer from start to finish?
  • In-store staff associates play an important role in sealing the deal – their product knowledge is the single most important factor for the in-store purchase experience. Are you investing in the their training and development?
Researching online versus purchasing online by category
Researching online versus purchasing online by category

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