Retail Productivity

Retailers need to continually adapt to compete in a rapidly changing environment, with rising costs. Despite these challenges retail productivity levels remain flat*, Improving retail productivity can be a valuable lever for success.

We have developed a flexible process which is tailored to your business needs. Throughout this journey we will work with you to help unlock productivity growth, improve employee engagement and create better customer experiences. Find out more by clicking on each icon below.

*Source: ONS, Economic Overview, January 2018

What does the journey look like?

Functional Assessment including Back office and In-stores.

Our analytics and operations specialists collaborate with you to undergo a detailed assessment of your business area, whether that be in-store, back office or shared services. We gain an understanding of structural constraints, process inefficiency, scheduling challenges, digital maturity and ways of working that may be impacting productivity. We then develop a prioritised transformational business case outlining recommendations and benefits.  

Testing the pilot

Through interactive design sessions we develop a “right people, right place, and right time” model and test the new model, process changes and digital enablers in your pilot store(s)/ function(s).  

Roll out

We roll out sustainable changes through our award winning operations excellence programme: Perform: delivering the model effectively first time and developing a performance driven culture to optimise benefits and transform your ways of working.

Continuous Improvement

In parallel we train your teams in a productivity academy to enable you to continuously improve the programme and effectively roll out to further store(s)/functions, where you are self-sufficient.

What could you expect?

  • A sustainable operating model focused on efficiency and customer experience
  • Increased productivity enabling labour redeployment or release
  • Improved management capability and greater focus on commercial decision making
  • Enabling in-house capability to deliver long-term continuous improvement

Hear more from our Clients

UK Grocery & Clothing Retailer

We identified a new fit for the future in-store operating model which delivered:

  • 11% Non-value add manager activity identified
  • 1,000+ Full time employee capacity identified

Global Retail Recruitment Business

We implemented a series of 8 week Perform waves across billing, credit control, payroll and account payable which delivered:

  • 15% capacity released within 16 weeks
  • 40% reduction in time to bill single invoices

British Consumer Retail Group

We created capacity and built capability to integrate transformational change throughout the Shared Service Centre which delivered:

  • 20% capacity created to redeploy
  • 50% uplift in output per employee
  • 92% decrease in errors by Record-Report from Accounts Payable

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