End User Computing (EUC) governance - managing critical spreadsheets

An End User Computing (EUC) application is any automated tool developed, owned or operated outside of the core IT function which supports business operations and decision-making. This is not limited to, but usually comprises spreadsheets and databases. Organisations have typically had an objective to reduce or remove them, but it is becoming clear that with the ever increasing need for reporting to meet new business needs, end user computing will remain a fundamental part of business operations.

We have a well developed methodology for managing EUC’s and implementing control frameworks. This methodology has been used extensively as a reference by spreadsheet developers for many years. This methodology includes four high level steps to implementing a process to ensure appropriate control over EUC's:

  1. Policy and monitoring process
  2. Discovery and assessment
  3. Control framework implementation
  4. Remediation and control

This publication specifically focuses on governance which addresses the key issues and risks our clients face. It provides details of the EUC toolkit which includes tools and an associated methodology to provide a staged process for establishing controls over EUC's.