Global 100 Software Leaders

The global software industry is in the midst of an evolutionary change with software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile computing and IT consumerisation triggering permanent shifts in the basic structure of the industry.

These trends are forcing software companies to change - from the way they develop products to how they price, sell, deliver and service them.

“Achieving scale is key to the software industry, Getting it through organic growth over the last few years, for most companies, has been difficult particularly in Europe and the USA, so many are looking at M&A to provide additional growth.”

says Evan Puzey, chief marketing officer at Kewill Systems, No. 86 on the EMEA 100.

"Corporate balance sheets are full of cash, so companies will need to decide whether to use the money for dividends or to do something with it, like acquisitions,”

says Vin Murria, CEO of Advanced Computer Software, No. 67 on the EMEA 100.

“We will introduce SaaS and mobile-based products in the future to better serve the evolving workflows of our customers.”

Les Elby, VP of business strategy, AVEVA, No. 47, EMEA 100.

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Many companies are caught in a conundrum: they must quickly adapt to this new world, but they still earn most of their revenues from old models like traditional enterprise software licensing.

Our Global 100 Software Leaders report contains four top 100 software vendors’ lists: Global, EMEA, North America and Emerging Markets.

The UK performed strongly with 20 companies featured in the EMEA top 100. The highest entry reaching number five.

The report also contains comments and insights from software industry executives on the trends that are transforming the industry.

UK companies that made the EMEA Software 100:

EMEA ranking Company Software Revenue (in million of US $)*
5 Sage $1,871.63
14 Acision $474.11
15 Misys $473.51
19 Micro Focus $412.03
20 Invensys $387.50
21 Northgate Information Solutions $375.90
25 Fidessa $366.13
26 Sophos $366.01
38 Kofax $224.00
46 Torex** $197.11
47 AVEVA Group $191.68
51 IRIS Software $158.26
57 Civica $133.79
59 Anite $126.82
61 SDL International $118.00
67 Advanced Computer Software $100.38
75 Lumesse $84.90
86 Kewill Systems $66.85
93 Delcam $56.69
96 Alterian $54.42

* Software revenues and related data taken for the calendar year of 2011
** Acquired by Micros systems in 2012