Transcript: Growth and Transformation in the Technology Sector


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Growth in the TMT sector is increasingly tied to transformation.

Our clients are asking us - where can we be more efficient? Where can we streamline, and where should we be investing to drive our growth? It’s also about driving revenue growth through the right sales effort, providing the right products and ensuring the right partnerships are in place.

Trust is quickly becoming a non-negotiable for tech companies and to maintain the pace of growth both commercial trade arrangements and the war for specialist talent are critical enabling factors.

What’s required is a change in the strategies used to bring new technologies to market. It’s all about balancing the business understanding and human insight with technology innovation.

Tech companies should take three factors into account as they develop and implement new technologies. 

  1. Transparency. First, companies need to be forthcoming about how their new innovations work. Be transparent in how they make decisions, and clear in their impact on the people they potentially affect.
  2. Governance. Companies must also work to refine the mechanisms they use to bring their technology innovations to market.
  3. Public policy. Finally, technology companies must pursue a more active, positive role in the development of governmental policies and regulations that affect their operations.

Time is against most leaders us as the number of new entrants is rapid and competition is growing so to remain relevant and leading in your field, it's important to move much quicker, anticipate much more and acknowledge that change will come.

We help our clients manage the most complex of challenges and support your most innovative ideas.

Speak to us if you if you wish to know how we can help you with your growth.  

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