Getting ready for the Asset Management Programme 6 (AMP6) – Delivering Capex Programmes in the Water Sector

For the next five year Asset Management Programme (AMP6) UK water companies will come under increased pressure to improve their relative efficiency whilst achieving improved wastewater effluent quality. This need is being driven by regulators, customers' expectations and increased competition within the water industry.

In this paper, we summarise some of the strategic questions being posed by our clients and seek to identify some common threads:

  • Frameworks and alliances – Lessons learnt
  • Totex and asset management
  • Technical capability – outsource, co-source or in-house?
  • Managing the supply chain

We have worked with capital programme delivery organisations in many of the UK’s water and sewerage companies, with key supporting functions such as engineering, project management, commercial, operations, finance and legal, as well as key stakeholders in the supply chain. These interactions have given us an insight into the issues and challenges faced by the industry in delivering the AMP5 Capex programme whilst it prepares for the new challenges of AMP6.


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