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Mind the skills gap: lack of skills poses a major challenge to growth and innovation.

We’re currently experiencing a skills mismatch according to UK CEOs, posing a major challenge to growth and innovation.

On top of that, the transformative power of technology is set to have a huge impact on future workforce requirements – displacing some and transforming others beyond recognition.

Organisations must focus their energy and resources on a new, holistic approach to attracting and hiring people – all while evaluating and adapting to the ever-changing landscape.

Automation is changing what businesses expect from their workforce - supporting their people through this transformation can help secure the productivity gains faster.

Heather Melville, Director of Client Experience

Heather Melville, OBE, Director of Client Experience

Our Head of Client Experience, Heather Melville, OBE, takes a closer look at the importance your people will have in building the workforce of the future.

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By working more closely with government and educators, businesses can take a leading role in shaping the training and development of their future workforce.

The potential for productivity

As the adoption curve of AI technologies takes off, leaders don’t just have a skills gap to contend with – they must also consider the effect of AI on people’s productivity.

With jobs increasingly becoming automated, there’s potential for a productivity gain if skills are utilised efficiently by organisations.

Our Workforce of the Future report suggests organisations may be able to increase productivity through rebalancing their workforce and creating a new mix of workers alongside technology - including the use of contingent workers and a more agile and flexible workforce in the coming years.


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Carol Stubbings

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