Access Governance

Are you in the dark about who has access to what in your organisation?

We spend so much time protecting our businesses from external threats, we often forget one of our greatest threats – insiders.

As the number of internal breaches continues to cause concern across organisations (GSISS 2017), the importance of managing who has access to what – to balance security with employee access to critical systems - is climbing the agenda.

Poor access governance and controls can damage your reputation and ultimately profit

As our organisations grow, security boundaries expand; as employees join, move or leave, and as new technologies continue to transform the way we work and collaborate, how do you ensure that the right people have access to the right information?


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Combining PwC’s audit and business process expertise with the world’s leading software from SailPoint, AccessAble is unlike traditional ‘on premise’ access governance solutions.

It rapidly delivers a fully functional access governance tool, providing greater security at a lower cost.

It helps organisations manage access with effective controls to minimise the opportunity for attacks through mistakes, misuse or malicious activity.

It helps cut the risk of major losses through data breaches, protecting your reputation.

PwC access governance expert, Richard Mardling, discusses how AccessAble can help organisations meet their access governance challenges.

Why PwC?

PwC has world-class cyber capabilities in business risk, forensic technology and legal services. We are the only organisation that can manage all three of these issues.

'I never believe in ignorance is bliss. My first task is always to get visibility of the environment and understand how bad (or how good) things are; using the AccessAble service allows us to have the necessary metrics and visibility into our identity management landscape. We can then put in the necessary processes (and technology) to fix this issue.'

CSO (Chief Security Officer), global organisation with over 150,000 users


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