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With a secure mind-set and strong cyber security culture, your people can be the greatest asset in defending against increasingly sophisticated attacks. Cyber security is about more than technology and process; organisations need to take control of their human firewall. We help our clients to change security behaviours; once these change, mind-sets will follow.

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Game of Threats®

PwC's Game of Threats™ is a unique way to help educate and raise awareness of cyber security - helping organisations like yours to experience the key decisions that need to be made during a cyber attack. Simulation exercises provide the opportunity for the rehearsal – in a safe environment – of your response to incidents. We can provide a tailored exercising programme to ensure all teams in their response structure are ready to put framework and playbooks into action.

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Crisis simulation

This immersive exercise includes a range of simulated media such as TV broadcasts and social media, allowing your executive team to rehearse the strategic response to a realistic cyber incident within a safe learning environment.

Crisis simulation allows for increased awareness of cyber threats to raise understanding of how varied and complex they are; and improves understanding of roles, responsibilities and decisions required in response to a cyber security incident. Notably these events also provide an occasion to engage the most senior team in the wider context of cyber threats including issues with regards to people, legal and jurisdictional challenges, technology capabilities and limitations, stakeholder engagement, media, customer and external affairs.

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Cyber insurance

We can work with your organisation to quantify the potential financial loss from cyber-attacks and translate this into cyber insurance requirements to provide peace of mind at the most challenging of times.

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