Are you taking the right steps when it comes to cyber security?

We understand that your organisation is complex. To ensure that your cyber security defences are effective, we will work with you to instill a risk-based mindset, which will enable you to take the right steps towards securing your digital future.

Service areas

Standards and regulations

It’s important that your organisation adheres to relevant standards and regulations. With GDPR on the horizon, there are steps that we can help your organisation to take to ensure you are compliant and secure in your approach when it comes to data.

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Risk control and metric frameworks

We can work with your organisation to define the risk management and control frameworks underpinning your operational, information and cyber security risk appetite and apply these frameworks to assess and embed the monitoring of risk.

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Third party security assurance

The business world is becoming ever more complex and it’s perfectly normal for organisations like yours to have data stored on systems which you don’t own. This service allows organisations to challenge and identify any potential issues with third party management of their data and ensure that their whole ecosystem is secure.

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Maturity assessment and benchmarking

Our cyber security framework comprises four capability areas (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover) and twenty-four capabilities. Based on industry standards such as NIST, ISO, ISF, it considers the full spectrum of control objectives and capabilities and used to assess your organisation’s cyber security maturity.

We have built a substantial database of capability maturity benchmark data from our experience applying our framework with a wide range of global clients.

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Programme management

Through our experience, both delivering and providing proactive assurance over our clients’ cyber security transformation programmes, we have identified several common pitfalls, critical success factors, and key steps in effectively mobilising programmes to achieve the intended outcomes.

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Product ROI review

We can work with your organisation to understand whether you have the right cyber security setup and identify if you’re utilising all the tools that you have invested in. Ensuring that you get the best ROI. Whatever the situation or set up, we can work with your organisation to deliver the most effective results and helping you to remain secure.

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Digital footprinting

During a digital footprinting exercise our intelligence analysts will review your senior executives’ digital footprint to determine if their online profile could pose a risk to your business. This will consider, for example, who they are publicly connected to, how open their online profiles are, and what potentially sensitive information about them is available on the internet.

A digital footprinting exercise seeks to identify risks that may be posed to both your senior executives and the wider business through over-sharing and data leaks, potential conflicts of interest, possible blackmail points and compromises of company data. We provide personalised reports to each executive as well as overall trend reporting, which can be used to focus education and awareness activities. This is accompanied by tailored recommendations to improve online security, which can be leveraged for use in follow-up security workshops.

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Social media governance

It is becoming increasingly important for companies like yours to understand the risks related to social media and have a clear strategy in place which sets out how you will use it and for what purpose. Good governance will not only enable you to manage the risks that arise from social media’s inherently public nature and global accessibility, it will allow you to make the most of the opportunities it brings and stay ahead of change.

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