Can you effectively detect and respond to cyber security threats?

We offer a range of solutions to ensure that your organisation remains one step ahead and can respond effectively in the most challenging of situations. We work closely with a range of organisations on all points across the cyber security threat maturity curve – from those who are just getting started and need forensic readiness assistance, to businesses who are already world-class and are ready to design their own fusion cell.

Service areas

Cyber threat intelligence

Our portfolio includes a range of services to cater for organisations at various stages of their cyber threat intelligence maturity - whether they are developing an in house threat intelligence function, supplementing their existing function with threat data feeds or outsourcing the entire collection, analysis and distribution of threat intelligence.

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Compromise Discovery

There is often one common denominator in targeted cyber attacks: digital evidence was present in the environment long before the victim became aware of the issue.

Our experience responding to intrusions around the world shows that targeted threat actors often maintain remote access to an environment for 6-18 months before being detected. Unfettered access can linger on for years and sometimes is never detected.

Artefacts of these active threats can be detected from a number of key sources, for each of which we have developed sophisticated and robust detection, triage and analysis techniques. In doing so we leverage both strategic alliance partners, and our proprietary monitoring technologies.

Using these techniques and technologies we can scan your environment for a range of cyber security threats as a part of a compromise discovery exercise, which we can deliver as either a point in time assessment or as an ongoing managed service.

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Incident response

Cyber security incidents have become inevitable; the result of our increasingly interconnected and technology-enabled world. As the increasing frequency of high-profile breaches shows, no organisation is immune. It's important you're prepared - whatever your industry, location or organisation size.

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Crisis management

Our approach to Crisis management is outlined in the three below areas:

  • Prepare - before a crisis happens
  • Respond - rapidly and effectively from day one
  • Recover - get back to business and embrace the new normal

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Managed detection and response

Our MDR service provides 24/7 advanced cyber defence against both commodity threats and sophisticated, targeted attacks by focussing around the four key stages of prevention, detection, response and hunting. We provide our clients with sophisticated defences across the IT environment (including endpoint, network and cloud) to prevent breaches, reduce cyber risk, support compliance, and help meet the strict breach detection and reporting requirements from regulations such as GDPR and NIS.

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Security operations transformation

Conventional security controls can no longer handle emerging threats. We’ll help ensure your security operations capability is equipped for today, and prepared for tomorrow. Whether this is working with you to build a new capability, or transforming an existing capability, we’ll help ensure that you are effectively able to manage cyber threats in your environment. This might include:

  • Better leveraging and disseminating threat intelligence to realise tangible outcomes
  • Rationalising and integrating your technology stack
  • Supporting proactive and predictive security analytics using big data techniques
  • Providing 24x7 coverage of your environment through the development of a “follow-the-sun” model
  • Exploring labour arbitrage and other staffing opportunities

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