Do stakeholders have confidence in your cyber security?

We believe cyber security and data privacy are issues that need support at board level and are not to be outsourced solely to IT teams. They require strategy and governance to get right. Our cyber security approach will be appropriate to the threat your organisation faces, as well as your risk appetite.

We can work with your organisation to understand your key cyber security challenges, adapt and respond to the risks inherent in your business ecosystem, and protect the assets most critical to your brand, competitive advantage and shareholder value.

Richard Horne outlines his seven principles for the governance of cyber security in this article.

Service areas

Cyber security strategy consulting

We can work with your organisation to develop a cyber security strategy that reflects the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape and aligns with your business's strategic goals.

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Target operating model development

We can work to review and develop your security organisational model and associated processes. Our approach goes beyond just drawing an organisation chart for your cyber security team and it considers how cyber risk management is embedded across the whole business.

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Transformation support

Organisations like yours exist in an increasingly complex and inter-connected digital ecosystem. Your digital relationships with customers, suppliers and others expose you to new areas of risk that need to be managed. You need to know who has information and what data, in order to balance security with access to critical systems; poor access governance and controls can damage your reputation. We can help you assess your connections, identify weaknesses, strengthen your defences and ensure you keep pace as your networks evolve.

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Programme management

We can bring a breadth of experience, both delivering and providing proactive assurance to your cyber security transformation programmes. We have identified several common pitfalls, critical success factors, and key steps in effectively mobilising programmes to achieve the intended outcomes.

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Internal audit

We work independently and/or with internal audit teams to perform cyber security audits and provide subject matter expertise where required for your organisation.

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