Threat intelligence

Threat intelligence

Louise Taggart, threat intelligence analyst, explains how the cyber threat landscape is evolving and how our intelligence team can help you anticipate and minimise the risk of cyber attacks.


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The term threat intelligence refers to the analysis and collection of information pertaining to different malicious cyber actors. Looking at the different types of techniques and tactics they employ, and what kind of data sets or organisations they would seek to target.

So we are able to support clients in anticipating the types of cyber threats they face, looking at what that particular cyber threat profile is and how they can seek to minimise the cyber threats that face them.

Our threat intelligence team here is the actually quite unique in its approach to threat intelligence, we have both strategic and technical analysts who work side by side to produce complimentary reporting. On the technical side this might be looking at specific indicators of compromise, so infrastructure that is used by a specific malicious cyber actor which might be email

And on the strategic side we look at issues such as political landscape and geo political trends.

The types of threat actors that we monitor and track tend to be broken down into 4 separate groups although it’s not an exact science, comprising cyber criminals, hacktivists, espionage, threat actors and sabotage actors. However increasingly we are seeing there is a blurring between these different groups and for example cyber criminals are using the more sophisticated methods that we have traditionally associate with espionage actors.

The threat landscape is also constantly evolving which creates a number of new challenges. For example the digitalisation of the workplace is one such challenge, and also the increasing ubiquity of internet of things devices, such as Smart devices that one has at home, also create a number of new vectors of attack that cyber threat actors can exploit.

We are seeing a really large number of successful cyber-attacks, not just on the traditional high profile sectors such as defence, energy, pharmaceuticals, but also a variety of sectors and organisations are now being targeted and it seems as though it’s a question of when, rather the if, an organisation will now face a cyber-attack.

Given the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape its’ important that organisations invest in awareness and that firms understand their own cyber profiles, so for example this might mean raising awareness amongst employees of the dangers of phishing emails for example, or it might mean raising awareness amongst executives of the implications of cyber security, ranging from reputational damage through to financial implications.

Our threat intelligence team comprises both technical and strategic analysts who can support clients in understanding their own specific threat profile. We also offer support in other ways to clients, for example with our Game of Threats tool, which simulates a real live cyber breach and we offer instant response support.

We would be really keen to speak to any organisations who would like to understand their threat intelligence profile in more detail.


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