What is Game of Threats™?

Game of Threats™

Game of Threats™ is a head-to-head digital game that simulates the experience of executives when their company is targeted by a cyber attack. Game of Threats™ provides players with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with cyber terminology, assess their readiness for cyber incidents and explore the strategies to deal with them.


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What would you do if your business had a cyber attack? How quickly would you be able to respond and what decisions would you need to make?

We can coach your business leaders with our cyber attack simulation, which we call Game of Threats™, by mimicking the type of experience they would have in the event of an attack. Our game helps players understand how they could prepare for, respond to and remediate an incident. During the simulation players can take on the role as either the company or a threat actor and play out an attack. The interactive game challenges players and helps them to understand the steps they need to take to better secure themselves, in a way that demystifies terminology and technology surrounding cyber security.

Game of Threats™ is a great way to help your business leaders understand cyber risk and the impact of an attack.

Please get in touch if you would like to hear more about the Game of Threats™ and how we can help you build confidence in your digital future.


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