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When it comes to access management, does your organisation have blind spots?

When it comes to access management, does your organisation have blind spots?

AccessAble can provide confidence that your organisation is protected and driving value through your access management controls.

AccessAble is PwC’s hosted, cloud based Access Governance service.  By combining our extensive knowledge of regulation, compliance and risk with leading IDAM technology from SailPoint, we’ve built a unique, non-intrusive solution that helps your organisation manage ‘who has access to what’, and whether that access is appropriate.

This helps clients fix the basics, such as cleaning up access to sensitive data and improving recertification processes, in addition to helping more mature organisations improve compliance, risk management and reduce spend.

AccessAble has been designed to be non-intrusive to your IT infrastructure and as it is delivered through a managed service, we can deploy quickly and in a fraction of the time of a comparable solution. Time to value is just 8-9 weeks. This is a key advantage of choosing AccessAble over an on premise, licensed and costly to implement solution which typically, does not have our access related rule-set and thinking embedded.

44% of data breaches stem from insiders. AccessAble helps you manage access with effective controls to minimise the opportunity for attacks through mistakes, misuse or malicious activity, cutting the risk of major losses through data breaches and protecting your reputation.

Does your organisation think about the value of effective technology, improved user enablement and proper control of data assets to better manage risk attributed to access?

What value does AccessAble bring to your organisation?

  • Confidence and maturity in access management and governance.
  • Confidence in a sustainable and flexible model which can adapt as clients implement new systems.
  • Confidence in a simple and cost effective approach which can be quickly implemented in 8-9 weeks.
  • Confidence in a holistic approach which meets the needs of multiple, diverse stakeholders.

AccessAble can help your organisation to address three key areas as outlined below:


Demonstrate and evidence robust compliance with regulation and policy by:

  • Helping highly regulatory industries demonstrate their access governance
  • Demonstrating robust ‘Access to Programs and Data’ controls for SOX
  • Facilitating and evidencing control over access to personal and sensitive data for data protection regulations such as GDPR
  • Meeting the access control requirements of IFRS, ISO 27001, iCAAP, Swift, PCI

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Risk management

Effective management of risks across complex organisation and system landscapes by:

  • Helping to respond to increased cyber security threats and particularly, insider threat
  • Mitigating the potential for fraud through proper access monitoring
  • Ensuring controlled access to privileged functions
  • Providing enhanced monitoring of access rights for third parties and temporary staff
  • Assisting your response to Auditors access concerns raised through Management Letter Points
  • Enabling oversight over technology innovation such as Robotics usage

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Significantly reduce the cost of access governance by:

  • Reducing costs associated with extensive manual access management and re-certification
  • Replacing expensive third parties with a highly automated service
  • Consolidating multiple tools used for access control into a single solution
  • Identifying application redundancy and excessive licensing
  • Reducing the cost of compliance and avoiding fines
  • Helping avoid the cost of access remediation


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Key features of AccessAble

Leverage your existing technologies
Leverage and integration with existing GRC solutions (e.g. SAP GRC Access Control) and IAM solutions used for User Access Provisioning.

Extensive reporting
The 32 AccessAble mature reports are built to immediately drive value.

Policy violations – Detect and report
Pre-defined policies and the ability to define new rules, test and simulate their outcomes.

Automated recertification
Business friendly and easy-to-repeat user access reviews that can be defined, tracked and evidenced for your auditors.

Fix the problem and provide evidence
Automated interfaces with Service Management solution

Every day data is lost, from human error, misuse or malicious attacks. Find out how you can manage insider threats in this short video:


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