Transparency in the digital age

Richard Horne’s latest white paper seeks to offer guidance on how to provide greater transparency in managing cyber security risk. It highlights seven principles to enable serious thought about more effective corporate reporting on cyber security to reassure shareholders and consumers.

Cyber security is an increasingly important issue to society as the brands we engage with in our daily lives become targets for cyber attackers. When customers submit their personal data to an organisation, how sure can they be that their data is being kept safe and protected?

Losing data to a cyber attack would impact a business too, with fines and legal action likely and the potential for operational outages and reputational damage, yet most companies are not reporting anything meaningful of their efforts to mitigate the threat.

Richard is a recognised leader in the field of cyber security. He brings deep industry knowledge and expertise of delivering successful cyber risk management from the Board down through the whole of a global organisation. Download his white paper today to see how reporting on cyber security can benefit your organisation.

Seven principles for better cyber security reporting

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