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How can you value security with access to critical systems? Do you know who’s got access to what information in your business? Can you afford the risk of data breaches? In essence do you have the confidence that your access controls are working?

A lot of time is spent looking at the external threat to organisations but the internal threat can be just as significant. When staff, contractors and sometimes even third parties join, move or leave a business it’s essential to keep track of which systems they can access, reflecting their job role and status.

There’s no doubt that insiders represent one of the major risks to a business. This year our Global Economic Crime Survey shows that a third of economic crime is committed by insiders. Our Global State of Information Security Survey also shows that employees, contractors and third parties are the main cause of breaches. At the same time, new data protection regulations will affect all entities who hold data on any European citizen. Organisations will face mandatory breach disclosure, and the costs of getting things wrong will be significant.

So how can organisations tackle these challenges head on? Many say to us that they’re frustrated with the cost, time and effort of developing their own solutions, so we’ve developed a new solution to meet this challenge.

AccessAble gives you the confidence to know whether the right people in your business have the right access to the right applications at all times. It can help you improve your security, cut management time and investment, reduce risks and ultimately protect your reputation.

Getting the balance right between security and access has never been more important. Now is the time to act. 

Please get in touch if you would like to have a chat about AccessAble and how we can help you build confidence in your digital future.


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