Our global cyber security partnership with Microsoft

Combining the cyber visions of PwC UK and Microsoft to break down the barriers between digital and cyber services, bringing the focus back to your business and customers.  

The lines between digital transformation and cyber transformation continue to blur. Cyber services need to become embedded into the digital landscape to ensure effective, adaptive security controls do not come at the price of business enablement, cost effectiveness, and user experience. 

As a leading cloud and security services provider, Microsoft provides the technology and innovation to realise this vision, combined with PwC's holistic, end-to-end view of cyber threats, risks and the capabilities required to guard against them. Together, we provide the means to simplify and consolidate your cyber programme and create an agile and adaptable set of capabilities, freeing resources to address evolving threats.    

Begin the journey with PwC and Microsoft to transform your digital and cyber estates, from security operations, data and application protection, identity and access management, endpoint protection and beyond.

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Cyber security platform transformation with Microsoft

Cyber threats and risks are constantly changing, mirrored by an increasingly complex cyber security ecosystem of tools, capabilities and vendors. Past cyber security programmes have prioritised multiple solutions with less emphasis on the organisation’s specific challenges of integration and operating these services. As a result, organisations find themselves maintaining complex portfolios of cyber security solutions that are difficult to adapt to the evolving cyber threat landscape with limited visibility of the costs and capability gaps that will increase over time. 

We believe there is an opportunity to consolidate and simplify the operation and cost of cyber security using a platform of services to form an effective, adaptable baseline of security capabilities. Through cost and operational analysis of existing cyber security and using Microsoft capabilities to both address threats and realise benefits, we can provide the vision, architecture and capability roadmap to enable your cyber security function to do more with less.

How we can help

Our cyber advisory team combines technical knowledge of security challenges with an ability to communicate the  solutions at an executive level. We align policy, controls, processes, tools and teams to a granular level:

  • Local, onsite resources integrated to the client’s team.
  • A tailored service that is subject to continuous improvement.
  • Wrapping our people and processes around client-owned technologies.


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