How will AI change the future of work?

The level of impact AI will have on the nature of work and what organisations need to do to prepare their workforce on the impact of a digital future.

The future of work is here: digital, increasingly automated, and augmented by AI. Enterprises, governments, workers, and even parents need to get ready—today.

Will robots steal my job?

The short answer is: they might, but if you have the right skills, you’ll get a better one. AI is the biggest business opportunity of the next decade. It’s already automating manual and repetitive tasks. Soon it will augment human decisions. Along the way, it will add more to global GDP by 2030 than the current output of China and India—combined. That growth will be more than enough to create many good jobs, while it will also change how current jobs are being done.

Leaders will have to understand how AI will impact their workforces, then get them prepared: upskill some workers to do existing jobs, but with AI, and retrain and hire others for the new roles that AI will demand. Schools and parents will have to teach children both STEM skills and a culture of creativity and lifelong learning.

For individuals, enterprises, and countries that have the right skills, AI-powered automation isn’t a threat. Its economic boost offers a gigantic prize.

How we can help

We’ve crunched the numbers (with the help of AI) and figured out which skills and jobs AI will automate, in which sector and which country, at what time. With that data as a foundation, we’re helping clients

  • create a roadmap for when, who, and how to upskill

  • deploy that roadmap through programs to upskill workforces for AI

  • use AI to boost employee recruitment, performance, well-being and retention

  • create the enterprise for the future of work

That last point is crucial, because employees won’t just need to know how to work with AI. They’ll need to work better with each other, since AI’s need for data and human expertise crosses functions and business lines.

This transformation will never be complete, since AI will keep evolving. We can help organisations build workforces that will evolve and thrive alongside it.