Data and Analytics tools and apps

We use many different tools and apps to provide Data and Analytics services to our clients.  There is a little bit of information on some of them below and you can find out more about others using the links at the bottom of this page.

Digital Customer Journey Optimisation

Our Digital Customer Journey Optimisation solution analyses all aspects of the end-to-end digital experience you offer to optimise against your key business objectives.

It encompasses:

  • Marketing optimisation – understanding the effectiveness of different digital and traditional marketing activities in driving activity.
  • Content and product optimisation – which areas of the purchase journeys are underperforming?  What are the root causes of this – which journeys are performing most effectively and why?
  • Usability principles: Can visitors find what they want easily?  Which aspects of overall usability can best enhance commercial outcomes?

To find out more about Digital Customer Journey Optimisation, contact Adrian Nash.

Social Observatory

Our Social Observatory solution helps organisations to distil true customer sentiment from the overwhelming volume of individual social media posts.  This can help organisations understand their customers better and make smarter decisions. 

Our tool is unique in a number of ways:

  • Breadth of real-time and historical data – drawing upon social media, blogs, newsfeeds and other unstructured data sources.
  • Unique taxonomy – structures data into themes and topics unique to each situation, and groups them around the most insightful events and themes.
  • Accurate sentiment – via scoring individual posts and process of iterative learning and improvement.
  • Identify and target influencers – ability to understand who should be targeted to drive positive changes to sentiment.
  • Benchmark performance against the market and key competitors – our tool analyses all players within a defined marketplace.

To find out more about Social Observatory, contact Adrian Nash.

Customer & Product Profitability

Our segmented profitability solution quickly assembles key revenue and cost data sets – often from a range of client data sources – to analyse profitability of individual products, channels, customer segments and individual customers (covering a range of measures from simple contribution to fully-allocated costs and lifetime value).

Whilst using the same key data sources and principles of value calculation, the analysis produced can inform a range of different corporate decisions, such as:

  • Product portfolio management
  • Proposition/pricing design
  • Customer value management
  • Targeted marketing
  • Churn management
  • Customer experience delivery.

To find out more about our Customer & Product Profitability Solution, contact Steven Keyes.

Supply Chain DNA

Supply Chain DNA is a set of predictive and prescriptive analytics apps that use an organisation’s internal data alongside external data to create granular actionable insight for supply chain leaders.

The apps can help with:

  • Supply chain segmentation
  • Forecasting and replenishment recommendations
  • Inventory and capacity planning

To find out more about Supply Chain DNA, contact Gareth Kelly.

Perform Analytics

Perform Analytics utilises a wide range of data sources found in operation to identify and predict actions that will lead to good performance.  The insight is delivered to front line teams in mobile and customised apps so that they can take targeted action that will improve performance.

It covers:

  • Performance attribute identification
  • Performance gap analysis and improvement recommendations
  • Visualisation apps and deployment support

To find out more about Perform Analytics, contact Nigel Issa.

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