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Official Data Intelligence partner of British Athletics

We're using data intelligence to help coaches and athletes discover their potential to go further #AlwaysData

A millimetre. A split second. In athletics they can be the difference between silver and gold.

Our data intelligence experts know even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference and we are working together with British Athletics to give coaches and athletes access to powerful insights that will help improve performance.

Why we are proud to be supporting British Athletics

Athletics has given the UK many memorable moments and we're committed to supporting British Athletics in their ongoing pursuit of even greater success and medals. We are proud to be working with the team to showcase the power of data intelligence. This represents a major evolution for British Athletics and the way it manages, uses and gets value from its data.

This partnership with British Athletics showcases our ability to combine business understanding and human insight with technology innovation to deliver greater results for any organisation.  

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Three-Part Insight Series

Part 1: Athlete Insights

How British athletes are using data insights to improve training and recovery

Part one looks at how athletes are using the data insights provided by PwC’s data and analytics team to improve their performance.

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Part 2: Coach Insights

How coaches are combining intuition with data insights

Part two looks at how coaches are using the data insights provided by PwC’s data intelligence team to enhance their own winning intuition and improve athletes’ performance.

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Part 3: Data Insight

How data insights are helping British Athletics go for gold

In our final instalment of the series, we explore how PwC’s data intelligence team are bringing together all the data sets collected by British Athletics, providing powerful insights to help athletes win more medals in more events.

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What we are doing

Our goal is to help British Athletics win more medals in more events at major championships. We will achieve this by providing unique insights that enable athletes and coaches to make better decisions that give them a competitive advantage.

For example, we've developed a unified data platform that brings together historic and current datasets into one place. This ranges from health statistics to strength diagnostics, training and performance. It makes sophisticated data analysis and reporting simple and user-friendly, so athletes can focus on using those insights to improve their training and performance.

We're also collaborating with British Athletics to develop new ideas and opportunities using data intelligence. Alongside finding correlations between previously disconnected data sets that give an edge in training and recovery, we've developed an innovative way of doing biomechanical analysis using machine learning and computer vision.

This partnership marks a major leap forward in the way British Athletics uses data. We're extremely proud to be helping athletes and coaches achieve their goals.

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