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5 priorities for AI

Five ways to go from reality check to real-world payoff


Business leaders say industrialising AI is less simple than they first thought. We predict the businesses that follow these 5 priorities will position themselves for a more transformative payoff in the years ahead.

1. Get on board with boring AI

What do we mean by ‘Boring AI’ and how can your business benefit from it? AI can solve a number of problems but the biggest area keeping the C-Suite awake is how to use automation and AI to generate business value, or new sources of revenue.

Our report discusses how ‘boring’ business as usual applications of AI can add more value than deeply technical solutions.

Read it now for more

Playback of this video is not currently available

Playback of this video is not currently available

2. Rethink upskilling

No longer is upskilling a ‘nice to have’ but more of a necessity. Businesses are fundamentally changing the way they operate and, so should the way training and upskilling be administered. Read our paper to discover 3 easy ways to shift your approach to upskilling.

3. Lead on risk with responsible and ethical AI

Businesses can’t afford to get AI wrong, both from a corporate and a customer risk perspective. However, we’ve seen leaders are complacent and not yet prepared to answer the important ethical questions around the appropriate use of technology. Explore our guide for easy tips on how to do it right, responsibility, the first time.

4. Operationalise AI — integrated and at scale

Implementing AI isn’t a one-off, tick box exercise. In order for its’ true powers to be unleashed, it must be applied at scale and across the entire business function. Sound daunting? It doesn't have to be. We’ve outlined ways on how to effectively integrate and scale AI.

5. Reinvent your business model

In order to implement real change, you need to adjust your business model to integrate AI’s cognitive assets. If you’re not sure where you are on the business model journey, read our recommendations and then take our diagnostic survey to benchmark yourself.

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