Inspiring Performance - video transcript

Alex Cooke, Data Intelligence Partner, PwC United Kingdom: We’re here today at the National Performance Institute for British Athletics at Loughborough and we’re here talking about the partnership between PwC and the High Performance Programme.

PwC are providing a full end-to-end service allowing British Athletics to bring together the various data sources that they have. 

Neil Black, Performance Director, British Athletics: It’s a huge evolution within the sport of athletics. For years we have striven and explored across the world to try and come up with something that easily presents a collection of the information together to athletes and coaches so that they can use their insights to decide how to move forwards.

Alex: The programme works by allowing us to bring all of those different data sets together into one cohesive whole and then provide a range of reporting and advanced analytic services to be able to mine those data sets for insights.

Neil: The question we ask ourselves is "what have you done today that will contribute to winning more medals in the Olympics or the Paralympics?" and this partnership allows us to answer that question quickly and easily.

Paula Dunn, Paralympics Head Coach, British Athletics: We’ve always had information. The difficulty was making sure the information was collated in one place and also the speed of what you’re giving the information. There was always an element of delay

Neil: The types of data we collect are everything from health statistics, mechanical statistics, training loads, strength diagnostics, physiological data, competition analysis.

Paula: If we can have all of that information in one place, we can give it to the coach and athlete as quickly as possible so they can start implementing that in their training then we should be able to get them to reach their potential sooner rather than later.

Alex: Over the course of time we expect the depth, breadth and richness of the data that we can collect and bring into the platform to increase exponentially. 

Paula: I feel like we’re one of the best nations in the world in our sport and I think we’ve got some of the best people and I think now we’re going to get the data to match all that. 

Alex: Over the years, athletics has brought this country many memorable moments and inspiring role models. PwC are delighted to be partnering with British Athletics with a view to ensuring greater success in the future. 

Neil: We're starting the journey of being able to pull information together quickly and efficiently to be able to give athletes and coaches excellent, informed, objective information to help them to make better decisions. I can't think of anything more exciting than that.

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