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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape it can be hard to take advantage of the new technology trends such as the proliferation of data and analytics. There is no shortage of options available, but understanding which systems would be the best fit for the business and how any new technologies could be integrated is complex.

At the same time, IT functions find themselves under unprecedented pressure to cut costs and often lack the tools, capabilities, investment and trust of the wider organisation to succeed in data and analytics. Frequently, existing IT solutions are perceived as holding back the business in achieving its goals.

Businesses are also seeking to maximise their existing investments in data and analytics technology and want to eliminate waste, but it can be challenging to accurately measure the value they are getting from technology and decide whether to invest further.

Using our business knowledge and experience, combined with our data and analytics expertise, we help you answer questions like:

  • What is the value I am getting from data and analytics technology and does it relate to what I am being charged for?
  • How do I make our investments maintain competitive advantage while managing regulatory pressures?

We are helping our clients to understand the true cost and value of their IT services, and identify opportunities to rationalise their data and analytics applications and infrastructure. This is helping them to simplify their systems and optimise their cost base.

We consider a broader spectrum of enterprise technologies which go beyond the traditional domains of the IT function, paying special attention to how technology will enable strategic use of enterprise information assets. We also develop and facilitate innovation workshops to help our clients think about new technologies, their implication on their business and development of new products and services.

Case studies

Delivering robust reporting and greater business insight for a retail firm

Our client was undertaking a significant transformation programme to achieve a more agile decision making process. Due to limited analytical tools, little data could be integrated and used across functions. Users were unable to gain greater insight into customer trends and purchasing habits as spreadsheets were still used for reporting.

Our team developed a Centre of Excellence which drove insight and value through key performance indicator’s (KPIs), supported by a single and consistent view of the data. This improved trust in the underlying data.

The business was able to develop a self-funding model, with projects creating value for the brands, with both financial and operational measures included. The client was then able to build a continuous stream of information improvements through the application of an agile operating model.

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IT to support an oil and gas company’s operating model

Our client, an energy company, wanted to transform their operating model and the supporting IT systems.

Our team worked with the client’s leadership and technology teams to produce a maturity assessment of the current IT infrastructure. We leveraged templates to capture key business activities alongside customer surveys and interviews with key staff. These were benchmarked against our maturity assessment.

This analysis was translated into a target operating model (TOM) for the IT department that was fully aligned to the business vision and expectations required now, and in the future. The TOM, consisting of a series of data management and quality control assessments has helped the business achieve their transformation goal.

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