Data and Analytics strategy and capability build

Many businesses buy into the value of data and analytics, but struggle with how to build in-house sustained capability. Others build technical data and analytics capability then struggle to get the wider organisation to adopt and achieve long term value from analytics. Even though they are accumulating data at an exponential rate, they’re not fully harnessing the value in this new rich asset.

Using our business knowledge, experience and data and analytics expertise, we help you answer questions like:

  • How do we embed data and analytics into our business to facilitate our organisation’s growth plans?
  • What people and skills do we need?
  • Where should the Data and Analytics function sit and how should it interface with the rest of the organisation?
  • How can we monetise the organisation’s data to drive revenue?

We are helping our clients with everything from defining a data and analytics strategy through to designing structures, workflows, roles, people requirements and supporting recruitment and resource placement.

Throughout a project we sustain a focus on successfully delivering the core business benefit and ensuring the host organisation and wider stakeholder/user community accepts and adopts the change.


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Case studies

Stronger customer insight for a UK bank

Our client, a UK bank, needed to derive greater insight from its customer data to help achieve its business objectives. However, the data landscape was complex with data being held by a number of unlinked systems, analysed using different tools and approaches. As a result, many teams across the organisation were inadequately served by the poor quality of and access to the data.

We understood and prioritised business requirements and benchmarked them against relevant industry standards. We executed a data gap analysis to help the organisation understand its core data and analytics gaps and developed a detailed strategy to close these gaps. The strategy included data warehousing, governance and security, analytical skills and tools and improved organisational workflow.

Our solution has enabled the client to better consolidate its data landscape and embed analytics at the heart of its data and information strategy.

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Telecommunications consortium

A telecommunications consortium were developing a common platform to allow advertisers and third-parties to perform targeted marketing. They needed to understand what data analytics capabilities would be required to ensure the platform’s commercial success and how to embed these capabilities into the platform’s eco-system.

We leveraged our deep data and analytics expertise to develop the platform’s data and analytics capabilities. We devised the optimal strategy to meet each of the consortium members’ requirements. This analysis extended to vendor selection to maximise each of the analytics tools required, including warehousing, decisioning, analytics and visualisation.

Our solution has helped the consortium maximise the potential of data analytics and make it a central component of their commerce platform.

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Helping a leading water company gain deeper insight into its customer base

Our client, a leading water company, approached us to help them gain better visibility of their customer base and in particular to understand which customers were falling into debt.

Our team developed a central data warehouse using market leading data and visualisation platforms to develop a series of user friendly dashboards. We worked with our client to build and resource an in-house data and analytics team who could support with reporting across the organisation.

As a result we’ve enabled our client to save over £21m along with helping them identify those customers eligible for social tariffs to reduce vulnerable customers falling into debt.

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