Why us

At PwC, data is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the real power of data lies in creating actionable insight.

We believe that putting digital intelligence at the heart of decision making, enables better outcomes for businesses, customers and communities. PwC has been working on data analytics for over 150 years – it’s in our DNA. It intrinsically supports and is part of everything we do.

Combining experience and knowledge

We have significant experience in all disciplines of data, from collection, cleansing and management through to building analytical algorithms and visualisation tools. However, the real power of data lies in creating actionable insight – and applying this insight to transform every operational and strategic process in an organisation.

At PwC we firmly believe that this can only be realised by combining analytics skills with deep industry knowledge and understanding. Our breadth and depth of industry expertise allows us to ask the most relevant questions and to apply data analytics with maximum precision and impact.

Our data analytics framework

Data and analytics is a skill and approach that we use in all situations where business value can be gained. It is therefore typically a key component of a lot of our work with clients – even if the engagement focus is often not specifically data analysis.

Whether delivering standalone, or as part of a broader project, we work with our clients using seven key building blocks (our data and analytics framework) in different combinations to meet their unique needs. We often work with clients throughout their data analytics journey, over many months or even years, by providing support at different stages – from identifying the potential in their data, building business cases for investment, demonstrating the value to be realised by delivering pilot analytics projects, developing incubator in-house capability, right through to helping clients build mature and embedded in-house capabilities for data analytics.

Creating actionable insight

By delivering intelligence in the moment we can help our clients assure their current business and pursue breakthrough innovation.

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