Citizens’ jury – recommendations for reform

We convene a citizens' jury to debate the issues and shape #FutureTax

Over two days, we brought together 22 members of the public – our citizens’ jury – to talk about the future of the UK tax system and how it could be shaped to better serve the needs of tomorrow.

The jury spent two days debating the purpose of tax, who should pay it and how it should be levied, before presenting their recommendations for reforming the UK tax system.

Key outcomes

  • Tax earnings: opposition to a shift towards taxes on wealth or consumption
  • Abolish inheritance tax – but introduce new and higher bands for council tax and stamp duty land tax
  • Integrate income tax and national insurance – current distinction misleading and means personal allowance is not tax free
  • If given choice, increase personal allowance over reducing basic rate of income tax
  • Radically tidy up VAT – with all essentials VAT free but 20% rate for everything else
  • Tax lottery wins
  • Introduce a new independent advisory body to reduce the influence of political short-termism

About the jury

We commissioned BritainThinks to convene a citizens’ jury as part of our Paying for Tomorrow: Future Tax project to champion discussion on UK tax reform. A citizens’ jury is a robust method of deliberative research, providing participants with time, space and information to consider information in depth before consolidating viewpoints.

BritainThinks recruited 22 members of the British public, broadly representative of the nation’s demographics.

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