In the classroom to teach teenagers about tax

We recently piloted an initiative to encourage education on tax from a young age. Around 50 sixth-formers from schools across London came to our London office to learn how tax affects their lives.

Through interactive sessions and games, the students discussed the purpose of tax, some of the main taxes they’re likely to come across, and get a taste of some of the policy challenges and dilemmas faced by governments.

Kevin Nicholson, head of tax at PwC, said:


“Our consultations with citizens across the spectrum on improving the tax system have revealed a big appetite for more education on tax. If people are expected to pay tax, they want to be clear on the policies and the principles behind the levies. Our research shows if people understand the grand plan, they're less likely to object to specific taxes they don't like. Making tax more understandable to more people is a big focus of our Paying for Tomorrow tax reform campaign.”

The tax day is part of PwC Classroom, a two-year programme to teach 16- and 17-year-olds from schools in disadvantaged areas a wide range of business skills. It provides students with opportunities to practice their presentation skills, interview techniques and introduces them to the professional business world.

Kevin Nicholson added:


“Today is just one step towards improving tax education, but it’s a start. We’re keen to share the materials and learning experiences more widely and see what more we can do to engage young people in tax.”

If you're interested in hearing more, or have any ideas for how we can do more in this area, do get in touch.



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