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People are critical to success with GenAI. PwC experts discuss why domain expertise and the application of human qualities, such as ethics and judgement, are so essential and why organisations must therefore engage their people and upskill them for GenAI success.


Joey Jegerajan: At the core of organisations that are growing the fastest, they're the most successful, there's a number of different traits. Every one of them has a distinctive culture.

Rachel Taylor: I'm excited about the opportunities that GenAI creates, but I am cautious about how we take it forward at pace, because people need to adopt it in order for the value to be delivered.

Prasun Shuh: Right now at least 50% of what I'm doing is focused completely on GenAI, whether it's to do with how do we embed GenAI in what we do, or whether it's to do with how do we build out new products and solutions which can help serve our clients better.

Rachel: We've implemented GenAI with a local authority to actually reduce the cost of servicing those residents by about 80%, but also deliver better outcomes for residents.

Toby Popplewell: Now more than ever, it's really important that we have the right level of expertise working with the technology to make sure we bring human-led and tech-powered together.

Charlotte Byrne: PwC is adopting a human in-the-loop approach when it comes to GenAI technology. Our experts have never been more important than they are today in validating the outputs that these technologies are creating for us.

Tilly Harries: It's about improving the value of what people do. So I always use the example of me as a paralegal, and having to look for the same word through hundreds of folders, for weeks on end. Now AI could do that so easily, so quickly, and I could be released to do something much more useful that could actually enhance my skills and knowledge.

Toby: When you want to bring GenAI to your organisation, you can't just go out there and hire in prompt engineers because actually the only person that really understands the business that you're in are the people which are in the business right now, which is why it's so important that actually we're upskilling the people in our organisations on how to use the technology.

Rachel: So I'm talking to scientists who are thinking about research and development differently. I'm talking to people in customer service roles who can see a better way to service and think about new products for their clients.

Prasun: It is individuals who really understand the fundamentals of that business then need to understand how can I take this disruptive technology and apply it in an additive way to create exponential value.

Toby: There's a real balancing act for organisations, which is to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit with generative AI or any technology, but also making sure there's the right governance in place as well.

Prasun: So bring the workforce with you. Don't do it on your own. Don't do it in grand isolation, make sure you're bringing the rest of the organisation and the enterprise with you.

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