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Before organisations can unlock the transformative power of GenAI they need to have the right data in the right places. Experts from across PwC discuss the need to identify the data that is most important and ensure the necessary controls and cloud infrastructure are in place.


Joey Jegerajan: We've got an opportunity here where we have a technology platform harnessing data globally that can give individuals, small organisations, large organisations, an ability to fundamentally transform how they operate, how they engage with their customers.

Toby Popplewell: I've never seen a technology move as quickly as we're seeing at the moment with generative AI. And I think it's super exciting.

Charlotte Byrne: I don't think the pace of improvement could have been predicted in terms of the pace of change, the performance improvement of the technology that we're seeing. It's really not about where we'll be in two years. It's even where will we be in two months from now.

Mary Shelton Rose: One of the biggest issues or one of the biggest challenges is data. So to really get the best of GenAI, you need great data.

Rachel Taylor: We're finding that our clients are looking for advice not just on the technology they use, but actually how ready they are to start using it. And that for them is looking at data governance, it’s looking at data quality. It's also looking at different data sources that can be brought together to deliver value differently.

Toby: We can work with them all the way through from strategy through to execution. And we're doing that both with the capabilities we have in-house, but also with our alliance partners.

Joey: One of the building blocks to take advantage of generative AI is, first of all, knowing what your most important data is. Where is it? Is it clean? And what's the infrastructure of the cloud environment that it resides in? That sounds very easy, but it's very hard to do. And if you don't have the right controls in place, once you do all of that, the next day it's out of date.

Leigh Bates: One of the things I talk to my clients about all the time is trying to think broader around not just the application of AI and the model itself, but the broader implications of how you adopt this technology. So that could be cloud infrastructure, the data that you might be using to train the model, ensuring you've got transparency around that data.

Joey: Getting the fundamentals in place is about getting the right data, and getting it secured in the cloud is really important. Then you can take advantage of generative AI.

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