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Disruption is driven by a range of megatrends, but technological breakthroughs are particularly powerful; tech innovation is both rapid and pervasive. So it’s vital to keep a close eye on advances in technology, and continually reassess their impact on your business and its ecosystem.

The ones to watch

We have been conducting research to track over 150 different technologies,  and have applied our Emerging Tech Focus approach to pinpoint the 'Essential Eight’ likely to have the biggest impact in the coming five years. You can read more here about how to prepare for the technological breakthroughs megatrend, and the eight technologies to start with.These emerging technologies all reflect the blurring of physical and virtual worlds, enabled by the development of increasingly intelligent connected devices.

What sets these eight apart from the pack is their particularly high scores across the following measures:

  • The pace of adoption

  • The scale of public and private investment

  • The potential for the technology to go mainstream

  • Global reach

  • Technical viability

  • Industry relevance across multiple sectors

In combination, these six characteristics bring these technologies the potential to disrupt all sectors. Some are already doing so. Yet we’ve found that many organisations don’t yet have a strategy that encompasses technological innovations – and, as a result, aren’t monitoring their evolution or impacts. In our view, this creates a dangerous blind-spot. We believe all organisations must explore how the 'Essential Eight' could present both risks to their revenue streams and opportunities for new growth. And they must do this as soon as possible.

Do you have a handle on the Essential Eight?   

If you’re not watching out for emerging technologies and their potential impacts, then you’re increasing both your exposure to disruption and your opportunity to disrupt. Gaining a sound understanding of the implications of the 'Essential Eight' is a great place to start, and we can help you with that.

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