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Transcript: Are you looking disruption in the eye?

Does your business have a future?

Waves of disruption are reshaping society.

New technology is triggering different ways to live, learn and work.

Some will adapt and thrive.

Some will be swept aside.

Stat: Half of the S&P 500 companies will be replaced over the next 10 years.

Do your biggest competitors even exist?

Yesterday’s crazy idea could be tomorrow’s billion-dollar startup.

So, can you imagine what your customers will need before they know it themselves?

Do you have the courage for real change?

The biggest opportunities could be outside your comfort zone.

Which new markets should you move into?

Can you move fast enough to exploit them?

With exponential technology colliding with climate change, social unrest and rapid urbanisation.

Can you prepare for the unknown?

Emerging markets are set to become the world’s largest economies.

Are you positioned to be part of this shift?

With everything we know about employment changing.

Have you considered the implications?

Stat: 30% of UK jobs could be susceptible to automation by 2030

Disruption can offer huge rewards for those who embrace it.

Stat: AI opportunity offers potential boost of $15 Trillion to GDP

At PwC, we balance business understanding with technology innovation and human insight.

We are harnessing the power of Intelligent Digital.

We will ask tough questions.

Are you monitoring, the disruption that is heading your way?

is your official future fact or fiction?

Will you transform risk into opportunity?

Are you looking disruption in the eye?

Your future is now. 


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