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New ecosystems, where transport organisations work together sharing data and providing a joined up operation,will deliver a transport service that maximises efficiency, minimises environmental impact, reduces cost and offers the best customer experience. Using Big Data and disruptive technologies,these systems will be highly responsive to both the day-to-day, and longer term fluctuations in transport supply and demand.

For the individual, enhanced journey planning services will know how their preferences and priorities for transport services vary depending on the nature of the event they are travelling to, and make reservations to suit. Big Data and real time communications will deal with any rerouting required in the event of service delays, managing any compensation or loyalty reward automatically.

Customers want transport options to be easy to understand - and they want the best price, efficiency, reliability and experience. But in the future, who will be aggregating and analysing the customer data to generate deep insights into the new services that will transform the customer experience in this way? Who will be building and testing prototypes to prove the viability of new technologies? Who will be operating and maintaining the underpinning technology infrastructure? What collaborative ventures will emerge that utilise the strengths and capabilities of multiple organisations?

Successful delivery of future transport services will cross the boundaries of multiple types of organisation. These new transport ecosystems will weave together public and private sector transport service providers, regulators, technology and data providers, niche start-ups and organisations specialising in providing customer service. They will require transport providers to collaborate, share data and capabilities, and form new, innovative operating models to keep people and goods moving.

However, challenges lay ahead for these ecosystems, not least in managing privacy and providing for cyber security. Which companies will succeed in gaining the trust of tomorrow’s traveller, in a world where self-driving trains have ever smaller headways, and motorways repair themselves amidst a flow of autonomous cars? It may be today’s incumbents, retail or consumer brands crossing over into transport, or new start ups who will be consumers’ choice in managing their use of transport services. How do you distinguish between those who are potential collaborators and your competitors? We can help you work out where you should play in the future, with whom and how.

Those who successfully build these collective ecosystems will create the new marketplace of the future – one that leads to better economics, a better environment, and happier, safer customers.

Grant Klein, Disruption Transport Sector Lead

Those who successfully build these collective ecosystems will create the new marketplace of the future – one that leads to better economics, a better environment, and happier, safer, more productive customers. We can help you work with organisations with complementary strengths and capabilities, to build alliances that will create more value than you could achieved on your own. The whole really can be bigger than the sum of the parts.

We can help advise organisations with complementary strengths and capabilities to build alliances and joint ventures, that will create more value for each organisation than they could have achieved on their own.

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