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New technology and means of provision services are disrupting transport services at an increasing pace. Those early disruptors are already being disrupted themselves. And the same is happening to those who replaced them. This rapid pace of change makes it particularly challenging for transport infrastrucutre businesses that follow a multi year planning and funding cycles. In these cases, how do businesses flex a five year plan to deal with changes happening in less than a year, as well as those that will impact 20 years into the future? What should these businesses be doing right now?

Irrespective of whether businesses are looking out one, five or twenty-five years, there are technology interventions and disruptions that can help throughout the lifecycle of capital projects and into operation.

We can support your organisation in deploying ‘within year’ interventions that deliver rapid results to your bottom line - such as increasing efficiency through Robotic Process Automation, or using drones to carry out surveys on construction and maintenance sites.

Looking further ahead, all transport organisations - from infrastructure owners and operators through to service providers will be managing large flows of data between assets that make up a transport network. We can help you build the analytical capabilities to maximise the potential of this data, for example in maximising throughput on road or rail networks, creating smart highways, and digital railways.This is underpinned by an IoT (Internet of Things) strategy that includes planning the role of sensors across your network and assets to gather the right data in the right places.

From localised transport technology trials to wholesale reinvention, we can work with you to craft a disruption-embracing strategy for your organisation. We do this from a position of  understanding disruptive technologies and their exponential dynamics - particularly as they relate to transport. We also bring together expertise of working across public, private and regulatory organisations in the transport arena.

We see three major steps in embracing and taking advantage of the opportunities that disruptive technologies present to transport organisations. The steps are:

  • Create your emerging technology strategy: Using weak signal monitoring, this helps you to assess which technologies to embrace, building on the fundamentals that underpin your business.

  • Pilot new emerging technologies: This step tests the effectiveness of a new technology for your organisation in order to validate the business case for further investment, whilst demonstrating what can be achieved.

  • Build new business and operating models: This final step makes the necessary changes within an organisation to allow it to embrace the change. And it combines this with a recognition that for many disruptions to transport businesses, the answer is not something a single organisation can do on its own in terms of investment, data and capabilities. We therefore help organisations to collaborate, and in some cases redefine their scope.

Will you embrace disruptive technologies and lead in building the transport marketplace of the future? Get in touch to discuss the challenges that are on your mind. Look disruption in the eye - your future is now.

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