Flying high in Westminster

Our drones lead heads to Parliament

Our UK drones leader, Elaine Whyte, gave evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committee as part of their inquiry into the ethical and safety implications of the growing use of recreational drones across the UK.

She presented evidence from our recently launched ‘Building Trust in Drones’ research which looks at public and business perceptions of drones and how to change them.

In this report, we recognise three factors which need to be addressed in order to build public and business trust: Education, Accountability, Reward and Benefit. 

“We recently undertook a public trust survey on the use of drones, and the responses from that showed that 80% of the public are in favour of drones when they are being used by emergency services—police, fire, and search and rescue...”

Elaine Whyte PwC UK Drones Lead

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