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The Frontier: Where collaboration and creativity fuel innovation

Working together to power progress

We know that today’s business models are being disrupted, and that emerging technology has the potential to transform your organisation. In fact, we believe that technology is critical to help you adapt, innovate and use your data to create real business change. But it can’t create the answers on its own.

The answer to staying ahead – to surviving and thriving – lies in making new connections.

At Frontier, we combine business understanding, human insight, and the power of emerging technology. We call this Intelligent Digital. It’s about creating answers by convening diverse groups of people, technology and expertise. Some things you might expect from PwC. Some you might not.

Together, we’ll make the connections that help you solve your most important problems.


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PwC Hackathon with Google

Watch PwC and Google employees in action at a Hackathon held in Frontier. Teams were challenged with solving important problems out of their daily routines, in a high energy environment to find solutions quickly. It's just one example of our continued investment in shaping the Future of Work. This could be a different physical environment that lends itself to easier collaboration and co-creation, approaching problems differently to encourage innovation and accelerated decision-making, or simply working with different people with different backgrounds.

Experiencing The Industrial Future At PwC Frontier

We know that Industrial Manufacturing is an industry where the impact of technology will be high and business leaders need to be prepared and aligned with their colleagues in order to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.

This series of events helped business leaders to make sense of new tech, which often they are bombarded with, and also to understand how to analyse and assess the tech against their business needs. We focused on five key examples that we thought would have the most impact with attendees:

The first was a virtual power plant which demonstrates the ability to understand asset health in real time and make informed maintenance and repair decisions through data analytics.

The second example was an end of production line sorter made of Lego and built by PwC Germany which sorts basketballs to showcase how the performance of the machine can be monitored in real time and how it uses analytics to calculate when the machine will need maintenance.

Next we moved to the Virtual Reality (VR) lab in Frontier where the audience were immersed in a series of tasks that showed how VR could be used to train people in a virtual environment, reducing the risk and cost associated with training.

Our fourth example by the Artificial Intelligence team demonstrated how people deployment could be more efficient and more effective using AI.

Finally, we ran a hugely impactful session with the Cyber impact centre  team based in Israel. A virtual factory was used to show how even subtle interference in automated systems could have catastrophic results.

We are delighted to have offered these events at a time when clients tell us they recognise they need to be doing much more to embrace new technologies, and that this type of immersive experience really hit the mark in helping them.

Exciting partnership with UK Black Tech

PwC has entered into an exciting partnership with UK Black Tech that will allow us to join forces in our drive to further increase diversity in the tech sector and help inspire future generations of tech talent. Frontier was the perfect setting for the kick-off event of this new collaboration, which explored how data is driving disruption for both our clients and for us.

Unexpected skills. Fresh perspectives

Big ideas happen when we think and work differently. The Frontier is a new space, powered by technology, and digital facilitation and collaboration tools. It’s plugged in to the best of PwC – more than 22,000 audit, tax, deals and consulting experts – and adds new skills and expertise.

Meet the teams at Frontier:

Experience Centre

Answers no longer come from business strategy, digital technology, customer experience or design alone. Frontier is the home of the Experience Centre, where we bring these things together. We combine our people, co-creative processes and a collaborative environment to reframe, visualise, and rapidly bring the future of your organisation to life. Together, we can create products or services, reinvent how your company operates, or maybe even launch entirely new businesses.

Emerging Tech teams

Success might call for the latest kinds of tech. Frontier is home to fresh expertise, to help you test, make, trial and launch your own technology solutions. We have Blockchain professionals. Drone experts. AI and VR teams. Disruption specialists. All ready to get hands-on and help you build the solutions that don’t exist...yet.

The Difference

Frontier is home to The Difference, our team that helps clients condense months of work into days. Their tried-and-tested approach combines design thinking, tech experts and consultants, to help you co-create and prototype, quickly and collaboratively. As part of a multi-day sprint, you could leave with a website, an app, or a physical or digital product. A real outcome, in very little time.

"The Frontier provides state of the art tools and facilities to enable brainstorming, discussion and idea sharing sessions. I hope to use it again."

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