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Virtual reality and augmented reality

VR/AR are having a significant impact on organisations across all sectors.


Virtual and augmented reality applications

Immersive VR/AR technologies are connecting and engaging people at deeper and more meaningful levels. We apply the human insight, leading technologies and industry expertise to help you achieve real results across your organisation.

PwC is using VR to drive behavioural change in our own people, running training sessions for up to 1,000 PwC colleagues in a day. We’re running similar experiences for our clients, helping them to embed new behaviours at the top of their organisation to improve employee engagement and address cultural challenges. This is just one example of how VR/AR technologies can be practically applied in organisations.

Are you ready to join the immersive technology revolution?

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Unlocking the power of virtual and augmented reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are connecting and engaging people at a deeper and more meaningful level. We apply human insight, leading technologies and industry expertise to help you understand their potential and unlock the benefits for your business.

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How we can help you to implement a successful VR/AR solution

Discover the opportunities

We’ll help you to understand the full potential of VR/AR technology and how it can be used in your organisation for both customer and operational purposes.

  • Visit our virtual reality labs to explore the potential of immersive technology through a personalised workshop.
  • Take advantage of bespoke research and learn how VR/AR could impact your organisation as well as the new business opportunities these technologies could create.
  • Benefit from independent advice. We’re connected to the latest, cutting-edge technologies from around the world.
  • Prioritise where your organisation wants to use the power of VR/AR – from greater customer and employee engagement to improving operational efficiency or realising cost savings.

Design the right solution

Designing the right solution is more than simply developing the software. It means examining every aspect of the VR/AR implementation.

  • Consider how the technology will be used, who will be using it, and where it will be deployed to ensure you create a seamless experience that is intuitive to use and successfully adopted throughout your organisation.
  • Build in a data collection strategy from the outset so that the success of the solution can be measured and analysed.
  • Select the right technologies from a wide variety of hardware and software options available.

Develop quality software

Our in-house team of developers, user experience designers and business specialists can help you build the software to bring your organisation’s VR/AR vision of life.

  • Check that the software is delivered to the agreed specification and timeline.
  • Take advantage of an experienced project management team that will oversee the development from beginning to end, keeping you informed throughout.

Deploy across your organisation

Implement hardware, software and change management procedures.

  • Launch your experience internally and/or externally and realise your vision.
  • Engage your people and put in place the framework and processes for continual success.

Debrief the data collected

Gain insight into how your VR/AR application is being used as well as how the implementation of the solution is performing overall.

  • Analyse unique forms of data from biometric readings of users to eye tracking information.
  • Consider both qualitative and quantitative data to form a comprehensive view of the solution with recommendations on taking it to the next level.

Virtual reality (VR)

Immerses users in a fully digital environment through a headset or surrounding display. This environment can be computer-generated or filmed in 360 degree video.

Augmented reality (AR)

Presents digital information, objects, or media in the real world through a mobile device or headset. These elements can appear as a flat graphical overlay or can behave as a seemingly real 3D object.

Extended reality (XR)

Represents the spectrum between the part-digital world of augmented reality and the fully immersive experience of virtual reality. Sometimes also referred to as spatial computing or immersive technology.

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Jeremy Dalton

Jeremy Dalton

Head of Metaverse Technologies, PwC United Kingdom

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Louise Liu

Louise Liu

Head of Operations and Delivery, VR/AR, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7701 297247

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