Video transcript: DLG: Transforming the micro SME insurance market


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Our client’s challenge was to transform the way business insurance was bought in the UK.

They wanted to make it so that you can buy online easily with what was a fairly complicated product, so they wanted to create an experience that would guide the customer through what they needed to get to the right answer for them.

The client wanted to disrupt the commercial insurance market and they wanted to provide a unique digital customer experience to their clients.

So the strategy really focused on what was important to the client, the differentiating capabilities, and that’s the guiding light of the programme, which is, focus on MVPs. So, minimal, viable, product. Focus on those capabilities that will differentiate us; make us really compete in the market. Anything else, we would take out of the box from the technology provider.

So we helped our client to select the best technology platform that meets their requirements, and this is one of the unique projects where we used core insurance platform implementation as a software as a service. So we used cloud technologies and that really helped our client to achieve the results faster.

Customer journeys were the key. We enabled a unique digital customer experience and we have identified the capabilities that they need. We have defined what delights our customers; what type of experience that they need with channels they use. So the customer journeys were almost the milestones to start the project, and based on that, we defined the capabilities, turned them into business architecture, turned them into technology architecture, and that guided our implementation.

It wasn’t just about digital, it was actually about the whole of their technology architecture for this area of the business. So really they needed to understand what capabilities they need in the technology area, and how are they going to go about selecting that?

We left the client in a situation where they could run this and their team are now taking a lot of the roles that we took on. So we’re leaving behind a self-sufficient model for the client going forward.

We have implemented a core insurance platform and a digital customer experience in 11 months and this was one of the fastest implementations in the industry I might say.

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Paul Terrington

Paul Terrington

Head of Consulting, PwC United Kingdom