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The right blueprint for sustainable productivity

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I think we can all reflect on moments in our lives when things have just worked well.

Sometimes it’s just great leadership or a clear purpose, but more often than not it’s both of those combined with a machine in the background. How can we get that right so that we can get back to that sense of fulfilment that comes with a smooth-running machine and all the outcomes that that produces.

All organisations are now considering the conundrum of cost, investment and productivity.

The economics of the past year have meant that costs have perhaps fluctuated. In some cases they have gone up in others they have gone down, but they haven’t been as predictable as they need to be.

Getting that cost base right will then unlock the capital that is required for investment.

There is a brilliance that is embedded in the next generation of our workforce and that brilliance is what really matters and people feel much better rewarded if they can see that they are contributing to what really matters.

It’s actually much more now about that wider, broader portfolio of factors to say are we doing the right thing? Are we engaging with every component of our ecosystem?

And therefore, if we are, what is the optimum level of sustainable productivity that we can achieve?

I’ve spoken to a lot of individuals in my own organisations and within my clients who have talked about their own individual productivity having in some cases doubled or tripled.

I think the concept of working remotely carried with it that slight sort of shadow of doubt the proceeded this pandemic that you know if you are working from home you are also not really fully engaged with work.

So, I think there’s been a huge psychological shift around individual productivity. But ultimately whatever system you work within we will all get measured by how closely we are delivering that entities purpose.

And the only way that you deliver that is by ensuring that you have got your productivity algorithm right.

Recently, we’ve all seen the economic impact of short-term supply shortages and constraints, but there are more strategic and longer-term factors to consider, too.

Against the ongoing backdrop of cost optimisation, businesses need to think about how they will digitise supply chains, automate planning processes, and of course, increase resilience.

We need to adapt in the way that we approach changing our businesses and changing the way that we are ultimately going to be more productive in the future.

Only by developing the right blueprint for sustainable productivity - and the right technology to deliver real results - can you embrace change, deliver on your purpose and create lasting value for all.

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