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Hybrid Transformation

Navigate through disruption, reimagine your workplaces, empower your people, reduce fixed costs and unite your whole organisation behind a hybrid strategy that will create greater value for your customers, communities and society.

A hybrid strategy for your whole organisation

As a business leader, you face a challenge no leader has faced before. The way we live, work and interact has changed forever. Now you need to lead your organisation through disruption and ensure it has a future on the other side.

Creating a hybrid organisation is complex. Success will depend on recognising how every element connects, and designing the change your organisation needs while understanding the costs and consequences.

That means tackling how and where your people will work and delivering the technology, skills and spaces they need to do so. But it also means addressing how your whole organisation must work, how you increase productivity, create greater value for your customers, communities and society and deliver experiences for your people that align with their needs and your objectives. 

Doing nothing is not an option. Acting now will give you the greatest opportunity to transform and grow more effectively. 

Together, we can create a hybrid strategy that works for your organisation, to not only lead the way today but have the agility and resilience you need to stay ahead into the future.


Helping you transform

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Making the case for change

Change can be daunting and the costs and consequences a concern. We work with you to establish the business case for change and design and deliver a practical strategy that supports your business objectives while providing the transformation you need.

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A strategy to combat complexity

Develop a hybrid strategy that works for everybody, based on an essential understanding of the complex relationships between real estate, HR, finance, tax and technology. We bring our expertise across all those fields to ensure your transformation benefits your whole organisation, without introducing risks or detracting from your ESG commitments.

Measurable success

Analytics, measurement and reporting will ensure your hybrid transformation delivers the results you need by giving you the power to optimise and adapt as things change. Maximise the productivity of your people, your spaces and places, and be confident in the decision you make.

“The formula for how and where we all work best, in ways that will drive maximum productivity and engagement is unique to each and every one of us. Understanding and addressing this in a way that doesn’t jeopardise organisational, customer and team needs is at the heart of hybrid transformation.”

Victoria RobinsonHybrid Workforce Strategy & Culture, PwC UK

“Don’t try to solve this in silos. Hybrid Transformation requires a holistic approach. Everything within an organisation is interconnected and every action has cost implications and consequences. The full scale of the task must be analysed, understood and planned so it can be delivered practically and funded effectively.”

Craig HughesGlobal Real Estate & Hybrid Transformation Leader, PwC UK

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Roberta Carter Head of People, Consulting
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Victoria Robinson

Victoria Robinson

Hybrid Workforce Strategy & Culture, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7843 368488

Craig Hughes

Craig Hughes

Global Real Estate & Hybrid Transformation Leader, Partner, Corporate Finance, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 7715 607 043