UK Trade. The New Agenda.

Together, we can redefine what the UK stands for.

We want to hear your thoughts on how the UK can attract the foreign trade and investment that is essential to our recovery and to driving growth across the nation.

We have started a conversation, with business, government and society from across the regions, to explore the UK’s new trade agenda.

Perceptions of the UK have changed in the wake of Brexit, and the COVID-19 pandemic has left the global investment community wary. Investors want to develop their commercial ties with the UK but they need more clarity. They want to know what our new agenda is, what we stand for now and why they should invest.

We believe that bringing together businesses and government from across the nation is key to rethinking the UK’s global role. We also see value in drawing on international insights, to find out what investors think of the UK, where they see opportunities and what they want from us as a trading partner.

Working together, we can build a clear, consistent vision for the UK that communicates the strengths, priorities, principles and values that will build successful commercial ties. A shared, national vision that unites the regions in the best interest of the country. The UK’s ability to assert what it stands for, to build trust and confidence in international relationships, will be a crucial factor in attracting investment and building a sustainable future.

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“Trade and investment has a critical role to play in driving fair and inclusive growth across the UK. The question is how do we make it more of a team sport? How do we work together across the public, private and education sectors to drive long-term success in global markets?”

Matt AlabasterPartner, Strategy&, PwC UK


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