View our priorities through a trade lens

UK Trade. The New Agenda.

21 June 2021

In our first report we set a four-point agenda for change; this report is the third in the series, and picks up on one of the action points: the need to view the UK’s strategic priorities through a trade lens.

Achieving the UK’s strategic goals through trade and investment

Trade and investment is inseparable from the UK economy at large, and the recent refresh of the GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland campaign by the Prime Minister shows the importance that is being placed on it.

In November 2020, PwC held a UK Trade Summit to develop an agenda for driving trade and investment. We gathered a wide range of different perspectives and ideas from more than 120 senior participants from across the public and private sectors, including representatives from all UK nations and regions, as well as some major international investors from the US, India, China and Europe. 

Among participants there was broad support for the Government’s levelling up agenda, recognising that prosperity needs to be shared across all parts of the UK. There was also a clear recognition that the UK needs to rise to the challenge of becoming a net zero economy by 2050, if not earlier, and there was a deep appreciation of the challenge of economic recovery post COVID-19, and ensuring that this recovery is fair and inclusive.

The angle that came out very strongly was the role that trade and investment can play in delivering on these priorities, and in turn the boost that trade and investment would receive from their success. One participant from a global engineering consultancy coined the term “looking through a trade lens”,  i.e. considering how trade and investment can contribute to, and benefit from, these critical priorities. If international trade and investment is inseparable from our economy at large, it should be an inseparable part of the solutions to our strategic priorities.

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Looking through a trade lens - some examples

To bring this to life, we have looked at some of the UK’s strategic priorities, and considered what role trade & investment might play in their delivery.

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