Negotiate the best deal

Are you ready to close on your terms in the heat of the battle?

During the negotiation phase of your deal, you need people who can bring clear insights and arguments to ensure you protect and gain value.

After a sale, IPO or spin-off, the real measure of success may only be clear after months or years, depending upon the integration plan and the delivery of value creation across the whole business.

For sellers, the assessment of value realised is often very direct and is in real time. Shareholders will focus on the proceeds received, the “exit execution” in the event of a complete sale, or the profile of the smaller, more simplified business going forward.

What we can do

We can help you get the fundamentals right at the start of deal negotiations, including SPAs and valuations. If you’re working on a structural change of a business, or a carve-out, we will work with you to focus design principles and synergy development.  We can also ensure you run effective employee consultation and communication.

Our support in designing the deal hypothesis, value creation plan and roadmap, advising you throughout the process, and bringing the right specialists at the right time, are all integral to delivering and securing value. Done correctly, this will maximise returns, minimise leakage and complete the transaction.

What you will get

Your deal will be executed with reduced risks, will be on time, and with a focus on keeping your many stakeholders happy.

Our Deal Value Architects are 100% focused on your agenda, and passionate about delivering value through the deal process. Your Deal Value Architect will work flexibly with you to ensure that you have access to the right technical expertise you may need throughout the negotiation phase, to put you in the best possible position.

You’ll have their support throughout your negotiation, and with that, their accumulated experience from hundreds of deals and their ability to harness the full strength of our network to deliver on your objectives and find the right technical expertise you may need. 

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