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Day One: Taking control

What happens on Day One? We help you take control

After months of detailed work, there can be a collective sigh of relief when a deal is finally signed. But that’s not the end; it’s just the end of the beginning. The hard work really starts there - ensuring the transaction delivers what it promised, and executives don’t get distracted and lose sight of the need to manage the rest of the business.

What we can do

Our proprietary deal-planning database doesn’t stop at the moment a deal is signed – it uses what we’ve learned from hundreds of deals to guide you through the all-important post-deal phase. In essence, this is about putting the pre-deal investment case into action, drawing on the more detailed information gathered in the due diligence process.

We have extensive experience of running successful Integration and Separation Management Offices, which means we can help you identify the actions you need to take, and ensure they happen at the right time and in the right way, whether that’s risk identification and management, monitoring and reporting, or the tax and legal elements of the formal transfer of ownership. In global or pan-European deals, transfer of employees is complex and often time consuming. Cultural insight is key to planning an efficient and timely process within each country.

What you will get

You’ll get a programme of action, overseen by your Deal Value Architect, in advance of Day One. It will identify urgent tasks to minimise risk and achieve quick wins, and longer term opportunities which may require investment, like new technology. It’s about ensuring there are clear roles and accountabilities, and pre-empting problems before they arise, so no-one ends up firefighting.

It’s about ensuring you can start to realise success immediately and sustainably.

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Value planning and delivery

After the deal, what next? We can help you realise the value

Our experience tells us that for a deal to be successful, planning, ownership and measurement are key. Conversely, where deals go wrong, it’s often not the deal itself that’s the problem, but the distraction it causes to the existing business, or failure to align the two organisations.  Ensuring employees on both sides of the deal are informed and clear on immediate next steps reduces uncertainty and minimises risk to productivity and brand.

What we can do

The best way to manage that risk is to ensure you have the clearest plan with unambiguous accountability for realising the value you originally identified in the transaction. In essence, it’s the ‘operationalisation’ of the original investment case, and it’s one of the things we do best.

What you will get

We can help you identify the practical programmes and activities that can start to realise value fast. That includes prioritising what’s done to ensure there are significant quick wins, and time and resources are focused on areas that will make the biggest difference. That might be a refocusing of the sales effort, changes in pricing, or new approaches to reporting. We can also help you identify your target operating model and transition your people to it quickly and fairly, ensuring that you have the right skills in place from Day One and a platform for growth.

In the longer term, we can support you on the more complex issues like IT and systems architecture, organisational redesign, integrating and harmonising reward and contracts, rethinking your products and proposition, or developing new processes or capabilities. Top-line growth is often one of the biggest challenges, and that’s something we can help with too. With the range of experts we have across the world, we know we have the expertise you need. 

We will share bold yet executable ideas to help you transform and excel.

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