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It could be an external trigger that starts the process: a step-change in technology, a major shift in the balance of power in your sector, a new regulatory framework, or consolidation in your industry. Or it could be a change of ownership or leadership in your organisation, a particular area where you want to improve performance or acquire skills and talent you don’t currently have, or a specific issue that needs to be addressed. It may simply be the desire to rethink how and where your business operates.

Whatever the catalyst, we can help you review all your strategic options as part of finding and shaping the best deals to unlock value.

What we can do

We can help you find the right M&A opportunities, whether by formal approaches, or through our powerful network of informal contacts. No-one else has deeper sector knowledge, a wider geographical reach, or a bigger team of experienced deals professionals. We also have our own dedicated Deal Value Architects: senior partners with many years’ experience, much of it gained in industry. They oversee the whole process, and operate at the heart of our network.

We bring an objective ‘outside in’ view to balance your own ‘inside out’ perspective.  That means you’ll get comprehensive, robust, and insightful analysis of your options, and pragmatic advice about the best way forward – not just what you should do, but what you definitely shouldn’t. We offer deep sectoral and market insight, analytical rigour, and practical know-how born of thousands of transactions across a wide range of industries and geographies.

What you will get

We will find and analyse all your potential options, including some you probably haven’t thought of. Using proven skills and disciplined, evidence-based tools, we’ll rank those opportunities in order of attractiveness, achievability, and time to deliver. Then once you’ve decided on the route that makes the best sense, we can stress-test it against market and economic scenarios. Your Deal Value Architect can help you to find the right opportunities across acquisitions, joint ventures, asset swaps and disposals.

You will get ideas and insights to help you outmanoeuvre the competition.

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