Make better investment decisions

How can you reduce uncertainty, and better crystallise key risks and potential upsides?

Due diligence is not a new process. It’s been standard practice for years, and we’ve done thousands of deals in that time - big and small, cross-border, cross-sector, carve-outs, disposals and consolidations.

We have the analytics expertise to assess the data, both to spot the risks and identify the opportunities. Whether you’re selling a business and want the best possible price, or buying one and need answers to questions, we can help. 

What we can do

Our collective experience means we know how the transaction process works, and how to ensure everything gets done in the right way, and to a tight timetable which may not be within your control. We also know that uncertainty is the enemy of a good deal, and can erode value on all sides. That’s why our due diligence process focuses on the key issues as quickly as possible, establishing the facts, and reducing the risks. And finally, we know that every deal is, at heart, about people and increasingly also about technology. Each stakeholder has their own agenda, and that can make even an apparently straightforward deal complex to manage.

We can support you in optimising tax and legal structures, negotiating pricing and terms, right through to completing the sale and purchase agreement.

What you will get

You might be a company experienced in M&A, or this may be the first you’ve ever done. Whatever your need, we can adapt to meet it, with a focus on creating as much value for you as possible.

We can work alongside your own professionals, or we can, in effect, become your professionals for the duration of the deal. Whether it’s tax, finance, strategy or operations skills you need, no-one else in the market can match our know-how. We will create a tailor-made team of specialists to deliver the outcome you want, from help with your internal decision making process, getting buy in from your investment committee, to ensuring you receive the right external funding.

We have the collective experience to ensure success.

We measure our Deal Value Architects on the success of each deal, why don’t you?

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