Plan for a successful deal

Are you ready to buy, sell, or re-shape your business?

We can help you blueprint your M&A and disposals to maximise value and reduce risk

Deal rationales are immensely varied – not just the strategic, but the opportunistic, the defensive, the result of corporate distress or shareholder pressure, or mandated by the regulators. 


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What we can do

The sheer scale and complexity of the deals we’ve worked on means that we have experience of every conceivable aspect of a transaction, from initial analysis, to pre-deal planning, to efficient execution, and the all-important post-deal processes of integration, separation, or consolidation. And that’s where the most value is always gained – or, indeed, lost.

We can help you to define success, and ensure you are ready to realise it.

What you will get

We can assess all the opportunities open to you, prioritise them, and help you prepare the investment case you need to get internal buy-in and external funding. It’s a ‘blueprint for value’ which will guide every aspect of the deal, through the execution phase to transformation and beyond.

We have a proprietary deal-planning database, drawing on the insights we’ve gained from hundreds of deals. There (probably) isn’t a material issue we haven’t come across before. That includes the process of regulatory approval, the complex tax implications of cross-border transactions, consultation requirements for transferring people in Europe or globally, specialist areas like trademarks, and the implications for both internal governance and external reporting. As well, of course, as the time-consuming but vital task of due diligence, structuring and expert support on the handling of deal negotiations.

We combine that planning know-how with the ability to build a compelling investment case, and extensive experience of running successful Integration and Separation Management Offices, with all the complex detail that entails.

Being clear on the stakeholders and management you need to get on board is key. You’ll get a plan that tells you what needs to be done, when, and by whom, to decisively reduce risk and protect value.

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