We get you want to network

It’s good to talk. Solving problems isn’t all about what you know, sometimes it’s about who we know. We are your PwC.

Neil Philpott, Private Business Midlands and connector


Neil doesn’t just work with ethnic food supplier, East End Foods, he spends time getting to know people across the company so he really understands the business.

So, he understands their ambitions and their challenges. And he gets what they really value from working with him; that he can bring the best of PwC to talk about everything from growing overseas to corporate governance to the impact of Brexit.

But it’s not just the PwC network they value. Neil connects East End Foods to other people in his local network. Whether it’s introducing another company to help find good talent, or hosting a Midlands private business forum of like-minded businesses, Neil gets them all talking. Because when it comes to solving problems, it’s not just what you know.


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