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Hands-on delivery. For operational programmes.

When your business is facing operational challenges, you need to know you’ve got the capacity, expertise and experience to cope. That’s where we come in.

Operate provides the capability and expertise that enables our unique approach to operational delivery,  Execution Managed Services.  

Our teams are highly skilled and ready to help you deliver your critical projects, programmes and processes, from keeping pace with regulation to implementing transformation. Our ability to ‘operate and run’, combined with our business understanding, technical expertise, data and technology capabilities, means we can simplify complex challenges, improve existing operations and processes, execute quickly and effectively.

We’ll plan together to make sure we work in a way that brings you most value. It could be more hands on deck to boost your own team, the right expertise to solve specific problems, or technology to ramp up performance.

We have a team of over 2,500 across the UK, with access to PwC’s extensive global network, so you’re never far away from our hands-on delivery specialists. We can work with you in your offices, as a part of your teams or remotely. What matters to us is that you’re getting the right people, in the right location for you, when you need them.

Whatever outcome you need to achieve, by working together, we make your organisation stronger for the long-term, so you achieve results that make the difference.

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We are Operate.

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The Operate difference

Our people

Our people are highly skilled with varied skill sets and expertise, and will come to you with the quality and dedication you’d expect from us. Our in-depth industry experience and continuous training programmes  mean that our people are always up-to-date with the best processes and technology to keep your business moving and deliver results that make the difference. We’ll also work with your teams to upskill them with all the latest tools, processes and technology, so that even after we’ve finished, you’ll continue to feel the benefits of our work.

Our processes

We use ISO-accredited processes that give you a strong foundation for consistent results, meaning you will always get the best from your programme. We make sure we run your programme with clear objectives, monitoring and measurement, and improve as we go, so you always have clear visibility of progress and have the right Management Information to continue making the best decisions for your organisation.

Our technology

Technology is at the heart of all of our programmes. From machine learning and workflow automation to AI and natural language processing, our software can be built from scratch, or we can deploy PwC and third-party technology depending on your requirements, to keep your projects running smoothly.

We’re investing heavily in the future of our technology, starting with our Advanced Research and Engineering Centre in Northern Ireland, where we are uncovering the next generation of operational technology and products. Our goal is to define the technology that will solve complex business problems into the next decade and beyond, and help our clients go beyond incremental steps to giant leaps.

Our culture

Our culture distills our people’s motivation and energy into a ‘buzz’ that, people tell us, makes our team feel different to work with and be around. Our people are highly skilled, motivated and share meaningful values, which creates a culture that enables us to deliver for our clients, together as one.


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Ian McConnell

Ian McConnell

Execution Managed Services Leader, PwC United Kingdom

Brian McAreavey

Brian McAreavey

Managing Director, Operate, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7810 636278

Jonathan Astley

Jonathan Astley

Managing Director, Operate, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7711 589354

Kieragh Nelson

Kieragh Nelson

Managing Director, Operate and Merchant Square Project Lead, PwC United Kingdom

Harsukhdeep Dahia

Harsukhdeep Dahia

Managing Director, Operate, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7702 698707

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