Hands-on delivery. For operational programmes.

When your business is facing operational challenges, even those as complex as responding to COVID-19, you need to know you’ve got the capacity, expertise and experience to cope. That’s where we come in.

From ideas and insight to action and results

Our teams are ready to help you handle your critical projects, programmes and processes, from keeping pace with regulation to tackling transformation. Operate gives you the team you need, supported by the systems, tools and processes to get things done. 

We recognise the potential disruption COVID-19 can cause to your business and teams. At this time you need to know you’ve got the capacity, technology and resilience to ensure the continuation of business critical operations and minimise the impact on your customers.

We can mobilise teams rapidly, supported by the systems, tools and processes to get things done. Whether implementing preventive measures, creating and actioning a recovery plan, or even keeping your BAU operations functioning, we’ll work alongside you to create an operational solution to fit your needs and keep your business moving. 

Operate will help you turn challenges into positive outcomes, quickly and efficiently. 

We’ll plan together to make sure we work in a way that brings you most value. It could be more hands on deck to boost your own team, the right expertise to solve specific problems, or technology to ramp up performance. We can even take the challenge off your hands completely if you prefer. 

Getting things done. Right

Business has never needed to move faster. With increased demand due to COVID-19 and new regulations, technological change and evolving corporate structures presenting big operational challenges. We can give you the confidence in your capability to handle what comes.

How we help

We’re an experienced team ready to get hands-on and help you deliver when it comes to operational challenges. We can work wherever you need us, for the long or short term, to turn your challenges into results.  

Handle your projects with confidence

We can help you deal with a complex, large-scale programme, or a smaller, day-to-day project. We have the right experience to help you deliver. It could be a hand-picked team trained to walk vulnerable customers through a new claims process, a group of audit specialists to put your controls and processes through their paces or it could be a whole team to manage single programmes or pull them all together in a Project Management Office. 

We can also help you sharpen up business as usual. You might need extra hands on deck to keep critical processes moving or handle tasks like employment screening or software support. Whatever the challenge, we can be there with you from start to finish.

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Often, our clients need our people to support their own teams. Sometimes they need our management input or technology expertise too. Sometimes they just want to know someone’s dealing with everything for them, reliably and effectively. Whatever outcome you need to achieve, we work alongside wider PwC teams to move from ‘advice’ to ‘action’. It means you now get more than just the best advisors from PwC – you also get a team that can work with you to plan how to make our skills deliver maximum value.


The Operate difference

Our People

Our people are all with PwC full-time. We’ll come to you with the quality and dedication you’d expect from us and you’ll benefit by tapping into our continued team training and development, varied skill sets and expertise.

Our culture

Our culture distills our people’s motivation and energy into a ‘buzz’ that, people tell us, makes our team feel different to work with and be around.

Our processes

Our processes are ISO-accredited to make sure we run your programme with clear objectives, monitoring and measurement, and improve as we go.

Our technology

Our technology team builds from scratch or repurposes PwC or third-party technology for you, and supports everything to keep your projects running smoothly.

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