Defined contribution pensions and benefits

Wealth and wellbeing in your workplace

Are your employees saving enough for the future?

All UK employers must now comply with the auto-enrolment legislation; we can help you provide defined contribution pension benefits that will engage and inspire your workforce, encouraging them to save effectively for retirement.

We’ve worked with many employers to provide pensions as part of a broader package of flexible benefits and health and wellbeing programmes.

With our innovation and technology, we can help you solve old problems in new ways, and tackle new issues as they emerge.

Workplace pension schemes

Scheme sponsors and trustees want to be able to offer employees flexible defined contribution pension to suit their needs, while also prioritising cost control and value for money.

We can help you take a strategic and systematic approach to ensuring the best possible outcomes from your scheme:

  • Scheme design and review – we’ll work with you to agree your objectives and help you design the right scheme for your employees; our In-Sight technology platform will help you understand your workforce in more detail than ever before, so you can provide a scheme tailor-made for them.
  • Provider selection – whether trust-based or contract-based, you’ll need to consider criteria including providers’ charges, investment approach, administration and communications skills.
  • Governance – monitoring your pension provider’s performance is crucial; using our Savings Lab technology, we’ll work collaboratively with you to assess the service it is providing.
  • Investment – your scheme must offer investment options that suit your members, including a default option to be compliant with auto-enrolment; we’ve worked with a broad range of pension schemes to deliver investment options that work for their members.
Six pillars of success

Employee benefits

Do your employees value the benefits you offer?

On average, companies spend nearly one-quarter of their payroll on employee benefits. With a wide variety of providers and benefits on the market, it can be difficult to be sure you’re offering the right package to your employees – and securing a return on your investment.

Let us help you maximise value to your employees and company. Enhance is an online solution that allows you to offer your workforce a menu of benefits from which they can choose quickly and simply.

Employee benefits: Total number of working days lost due to MSk in 2013/14 8.3 million. 48% of the UK's working population has called in sick to work due to stress. The three main causes of stress were money (36%), Work (25%) and relationships (16%). 32% feel more stress since the onset of the UK financial crisis.
Employee benefits
Employee benefits

Employee wellbeing

What is important to your employees?

There is more than one answer. At different times in their lives, your employees encounter different challenges, from buying a house to having children and preparing for retirement. Effective wellbeing programmes provide support to your employees throughout these challenging times, improving your relationship with your workforce and ensuring they’re in a fit state to concentrate on the day job.

We’ve worked with many employers to design and deliver employee health and wellbeing programmes, using our innovative technologies to secure maximum value. Let us help you support your employees and improve productivity.

Employees say financial stress impacts their: Health (28%), Relationshipts at home (23%), Productivity at work (17%), Attandance at work (8%)

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